challenge course

Low Course

  • Minimum of eight participants, with a maximum of 150 participants.
  • Groups larger than 15 participants will be broken up for some activities to allow for more involvement.
  • The low course consists of events that may occur on the ground as well as utilizing the Team Development Course which is a series of logs configured to present a challenge as groups move along them. These exciting challenges help groups move towards their goals: teamwork, communication, problem solving, cooperation, and respect.
  • After a series of challenges a trained facilitator leads a discussion to help the group relate what they successfully accomplished to something relevant to their lives.

High Course

  • Minimum of six participants, maximum of 30 participants.
  • The type of challenge and height to climb is left up to each participant. One can set a personal goal and work towards that goal at their own pace.
  • Some elements are meant for individuals to climb, while others allow for partners to help one another.
  • Participants will rotate between being the climber, belayer, and safety person. Participants are thoroughly trained before anyone begins climbing. All equipment meets or exceeds challenge course industry standards.
  • A very popular high element, a favorite of all who attend the GC Challenge Course, is the Giant Swing by Choice.  Although a single individual enjoys the free fall, the entire group helps to make this challenge happen.