Center for Christian Discernment
and Academic Leadership

Mission: The mission of the Center is to develop individual and communal practices essential for living a life of Christian calling. The practice of Christian discernment is an individual and communal task of spiritual inquiry and disciplined action. Educational and support activities of the center aim to enrich the integration of Christian faith and higher education. These activities include

  1. Programs for Faculty of Georgetown College focused on the discovery of vocation and the Christian intellectual calling;
  2. Programs for students in Christian leadership and ministerial formation;
  3. Programs for the community of Christian higher education, including the Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy;
  4. Programs strengthening the intellectual formation of the community of churches supporting Georgetown College and others interested in transformational education.



Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy

The Quest of the Baptist Academy
and its Future

Georgetown College
July 18-21, 2017

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