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Child Development Program
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The child development minor provides core coursework relevant to the education and direct care of children. In addition, students may choose courses tailored to their individual career interests.

Interdisciplinary Minor

Twenty-four hours required, to include the following:
Required Core Courses9 hours
All of the following are required:
 PSY 111 General Psychology3 hours
 PSY 340 Child Development3 hours
 SOC 213 Marriage and the Family3 hours
Psychological Processes3 hours
Select 1 of the following courses:
PSY 242 Adolescence and Adulthood3 hours
PSY 260 Social Psychology3 hours
PSY 328 Learning3 hours
PSY 333 Cognitive Psychology3 hours
PSY 343 Personality3 hours

Cultural Diversity and Socio-cultural Context

2-3 hours
Select at least 1 of the following courses*:
ART 216 Survey of Art History I3 hours
ART 217 Survey of Art History II3 hours
EDU 309 Teaching in a DiverseSociety2 hours (co-req  EDU 307)
HIS 213 Asian Civilization II3 hours
HIS 310 History of the South3 hours
HIS 424 History of the Middle East3 hours
SOC 211 Community3 hours
Child Guidance and Health3 hours
Select at least 1 of the following courses*:
COMM 323 Conflict Management3 hours(co- or prereq:  EDU 131)
Child Guidance and Health (continued)
EDU 233 Student Development, Behaviorand Learning3 hours
KHS 320 Nutrition3 hours (prereq: consent of instructor)
PSY 360 Fieldwork3 hours (prereq: consent of instructor)
PSY 415 Counseling Skills3 hours(prereq  PSY 355)
Exceptional Children/Atypical Development2-3 hours
Select at least 1 of the following courses*:
PSY 355 Abnormal Psychology3 hours
EDU 307 Educating ExceptionalChildren2 hours (co-req:  EDU 309)
PSY 417 DevelopmentalPsychopathology3 hours (prereq: PSY 242 or 340)
PSY 419 School Psychology3 hours (prereq PSY 242 or 340)
Art/Music/Theatre2-3 hours
Select at least 1 of the following courses*:
ART 115 Drawing3 hours
ART 313 Art Education2 or 3 hours
MUS 314 Foundations and Principles of Music Education2 hours
THE 407 Creative Dramatics and Children’sTheatre2 or 3 hours


Students applying any of the above courses to a major or another minor must substitute another course in the affected area.


* Students choosing 2-hour courses must carefully select additional coursework to equal the required 24 hours. PSY 440 Independent Study can be taken for 1-3 hours if needed, with consent of the instructor and approval of the department chair and the Provost


Students may plan an area major in Child Development.

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