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The Management Information Systems major focuses on the interface between business decisions and information technology. Students learn how to use technology to channel information to people who need it, and they learn principles that guide good decisions. This major develops logical thought processes and a system-wide perspective more than other business majors. The successful student who completes the program will:

  • be able to analyze problems and formulate appropriate solutions;
  • be able to communicate ideas effectively;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the basic content of the functional areas of business;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the basic content of computer science.


Interdisciplinary Major

(B.S. degree) Sixty hours required. Twenty-seven hours in Business Administration and Economics, including ECO 221, 223, BUA 210, 211, 300, 335, 348, 353, and three hours from the following: BUA 318, 326, 336, 367; and twenty-four hours in Computer Science, including CSC 115, 215, 304, 350, 405, 450 and a choice of six hours from the following: CSC 312, 430, or 435; plus nine additional hours consisting of MAT 111, 301 and three hours from the following: MAT 109 or 125. (No minor is required.)