Anthropology Minor

Eighteen semester hours: fifteen hours in Anthropology and three hours in another social science or related course, as approved by the department, such as POS 407, HIS 426, 470, or 475

Course Offerings

116. Introduction to Anthropology. (3 hours) A survey of the human archaeological and biological heritage as it relates to cultural development, particularly in primitive settings. (Same as SOC 116.) Fall

317. Cultural Geography. (3 hours) (See GEO 317.) Odd Springs

335. Sociology of Appalachia. (3 hours) (See SOC 335.) Odd Falls

424. Cultural Anthropology. (3 hours) Principles and methods of anthropology applied to modern and primitive societies; a cross-cultural analysis of social institutions. (Same as Sociology 424) Prerequisite: SOC 111 or SOC 116/ANT 116. Spring

440. Independent Study. (1, 2 or 3 hours)

450. Senior Seminar. (3 hours) (See SOC 450.) Fall

470. Topics. (1-3 hours)