The Department of Business Administration and Economics at Georgetown College seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. To provide students with the intellectual skills needed to deal with the problems, challenges, and opportunities that they will encounter throughout their lives. More specifically, we aim to
    1. develop students’ abilities to analyze problems and formulate appropriate solutions
    2. develop students’ abilities to communicate ideas effectively
  2. To prepare students to be successful and productive individuals. To do so, we strive to
    1. prepare students to begin meaningful careers immediately after graduation
    2. prepare capable, motivated students to enter good graduate or professional programs

The Department is committed to providing a broadly oriented professional education
to prepare students for careers in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Our major in Accounting contains a large number of required core courses that provide our students the basic skills in the quantitative and qualitative aspects of Business Administration. In addition to this broad introduction to the primary functional areas of business, the accounting courses in the major provide a solid preparation for students who seek careers in accounting or related fields. A student majoring in a departmental program will be required to maintain a minor in an area of interest outside the department. If a student wishes to have more than one departmental major, there must be three courses or nine semester hours in each departmental major that are not counted in any other major.

Please note: Additional tuition charges are waived for students taking greater than 18 hours when:

  1. The student is required to take credit hours in excess of what is needed for graduation in order to meet professional certification requirements (ex: CPA exam).
  2. The student is a senior
  3. The student meets the standard academic requirements for overload approval.
  4. The academic dean approves.

Major in Accounting

(B.S. degree) Fifty-one hours in the Department of Business Administration and Economics including BUA 210, 211, 300, 310, 311, 318, 326, 330, 335, 336, 353, 357, 413, 415, 450; ECO 221 and 223; plus twelve additional allied hours consisting of MAT 109 and 111; COMM 115; and PHI 325. Total hours required, sixty-three.

Fifth-Year Program in Accounting (for students seeking to become Certified Public Accountants) Option 1: B.S. in Accounting from Georgetown College and a MS in Accounting or MBA from a public university (agreement in place with University of Kentucky). Option 2: B.S. in Accounting plus additional 30 hours from Georgetown College in the following two areas: A minimum of 6 hours from the following: BUA 470 Business Writing, BUA 340, BUA 377, ECO 425, COMM 200, COMM 310, COMM 312, COMM 400, POS 100, POS 315. A minimum of 6 hours from the following: BUA 470 Advanced Accounting, BUA 460 Internship, BUA 440 CPA Review, BUA 470 Tax Entities, BUA 470 Advanced Cost Accounting, BUA 470 Accounting Theory.

For course descriptions, please see Business Administration.