Studies in Computer Science give thorough grounding in the principles of computer software design and development. A student who follows the Computer Science course of study is prepared for graduate studies as well as for positions in software development, systems analysis, and computer systems management. The Information Systems option is less theoretical than the Computer Science major. Many Information System majors choose to study also in a business field to strengthen their skills and to meet personal goals.

Major in Information Systems

(B.A. degree) Twenty-seven hours in Computer Science including CSC 115, 125, 215, 304, 315, 350, 405, 450 and six additional hours in Computer Science numbered 300 or above: 15 hours of allied courses including MAT 111, 301 and at least nine hours selected from ART 234, 334, 435; BUA 210, 211, 300; ECO 221, 223, 304; PHI 151, 325; six hours of which must be chosen from one department. Only one hour of CSC 270 may count towards the major. Total hours required: 42.

For course descriptions, please see Computer Science.