From time to time, the College offers courses that are designed for a select group of students and are not housed in a specific academic department. Recent examples have included courses such as Freshman Seminar, GRE/LSAT Preparation, International Student Orientation, Study Skills, and Student Development Theory. Only 7 credit hours of GSC course credit earned counts toward graduation; GSS course credit does not count toward graduation. Additionally, mini-term courses are occasionally presented in this manner and, therefore, do not appear as regular catalog offerings. One should consult the schedule of classes published by the Registrar each semester regarding the availability of these courses.

GSS 101. Study Skills. (0 hours) For Academic Enhancement Students (ACE). Basic study skills including time management, note and test taking, study techniques, and academic success skills. Includes group and individual exercises, peer-tutoring, and career guidance. Fall and Spring

GSC 101. Freshman Seminar. (1 hour) Freshman seminar is a 1 hour course designed for first-semester college students. The course affords students the opportunity to study and discuss topics important to college life and academic success and to learn and practice essential skills in a supportive small group atmosphere under the guidance of their faculty advisor. Fall

HON 300. Honors Seminar. (3 hours) An interdisciplinary seminar on a topic chosen by the Honors Program Committee. Open to Honors students after their freshman year. May be taken twice for credit, provided that a different topics is taught each time. Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors Program.

HON 440. Honors Independent Study. (0-3 hours) Prerequisite: Prior arrangement with the Instructor.