The Three Year Program is designed to prepare students to seek Senior Status at major English institutions of higher learning. Having completed a Georgetown degree in three years, students may compete for positions that would allow them to receive a second degree after two additional years in England. Emphasizing upper-division and tutorial courses, the Three Year Degree Program offers an ideal liberal arts experience. The program is highly competitive. The Bachelor Degree in Liberal Studies requires at least 57 semester hours of upper division course work.

Requirements by Year:

Year I Competencies

  1. Writing – Completion of English 112 with B or better
  2. Technology – Ability to use technology as needed in fields of study
  3. Aptitude – Evidence of maturity and discipline required for study abroad
  4. Minimum 3.00 or higher G.P.A. by end of second semester in the program

Year II Competencies

  1. Tutorial Students must pass their first tutorial by the end of their fourth semester in the program with a grade of B or higher.
  2. Oral Communication – Competence in public speaking as assessed by tutor(s) and other faculty (for students without prior experience in forensics or completion of a course in public speaking).

Year III Competencies

  1. Fulfillment of competencies in senior level writing, oral communication, and technology.
  2. Pass second tutorial with grade of B or higher.
  3. Minimum 3.25 or higher GPA. by end of second semester in the program.