Latin and Greek are the foundation languages of virtually every discipline in the liberal arts and sciences. The study of either or both of these languages, and of Greek and Roman authors in English translation, will deepen a student’s understanding of any field.

Interdisciplinary Minor

Eighteen hours, to include the following:

  • Latin or Greek fourth-semester Reading Course 3 hours
    • LAT 202, GRK 202, or REL 204
  • Preliminary or Additional Latin or Greek courses 6 hours to be selected from the following:
    • LAT 101-102, 201, 202
    • REL 103-104, 203, 204 (New Testament Greek)
    • GRK 201 (Reading Homeric Greek)
    • GRK 202 (Reading Classical Greek)
  • Related Courses (taught in English) 9 hours to be selected from the following:
    • ART 216: Survey of World Art I
    • PHI 201: History of Philosophy I
    • ENG 314: Epic Poetry
    • CLA 314: Mythology in Greek and Roman Literature
    • CLA 316: Ancient Drama
    • CLA 370: Topics in Classical Literature (Topics to include: “Women and Gender in Antiquity” and “From Lyric to Satire: Greek and Roman Poetry”)
    • HIS 412: Ancient History
    • POS 400: Classical Political Theory
    • Other courses by approval of Program Coordinator