Karyn McKenzie, Chair of Faculty

Academic Departments

Art Department Juilee Decker, Chair

Biology Department Tracy Livingston, Chair

Business Administration and Economics Department Tom Cooper, Chair

Chemistry Department Todd Hamilton, Chair

Communication and Media Studies Department Chris Nix, Chair

Education Yolanda Carter, Dean of Education

Angela Cox, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education

English Department Barbara Burch, Chair

History Department Cliff Wargelin, Chair

Kinesiology and Health Studies Department Jean Kiernan, Chair

Library Services Susan Martin, Director

Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science Department William Harris, Chair

Modern and Classical Languages and Cultures Department Laura Hunt, Chair

Music Department Heather Hunnicutt, Chair

Philosophy Department Roger Ward, Chair

Political Science Department Melissa Scheier, Chair

Psychology Department Karyn McKenzie, Chair

Religion Department Sheila Klopfer, Chair

Sociology Department Eric Carter, Chair

Theatre and Film Ed Smith, Chair


Academic Divisions

Fine Arts Division George McGee, Chair

Humanities Division JP Hanly, Chair

Natural and Life Science Division Meghan Knapp, Chair

Professional Studies Division June Hyndman, Chair

Social Sciences Division Karyn McKenzie, Chair