Adjustment of charges may be made in the following circumstances:

  • withdrawal by the student due to illness or other reason subject to administrative review and approval (calculated from the date of submission to the Registrar and/or the Vice President/Provost).
  • suspension or expulsion of the student (calculated from the date of official action).
  • reduction of course load from full-time to part-time (calculated from the date of official receipt by the Registrar’s Office).
  • marriage, resulting in prorated refund of remaining room and board charges.

Students who withdraw or are withdrawn during the first six weeks of classes will be billed as determined by the schedule below. Students who complete their enrollment under the provisions of the deferred/extended payment agreement are bound to fulfill the terms of the agreement even though they may withdraw from the College prior to the close of the semester. The withdrawal process is completed when the student submits the withdrawal card. In all cases, the student will be billed for tuition, room, board, and fees during the semester according to the following schedule:

Please note that there are separate refund schedules for short terms.  Those refund periods are significantly reduced since the sessions are much shorter.  See dates below.

Undergraduate Refund Schedule

Inter-Term (IT) 2017Dates
Tuition Due Date12/19/2016
1st Day of Classes12/27/2016
Last Day of Classes1/7/2017
100% Refund12/27/2016
0% Refund12/28/2016


Spring (SP) 2017Dates
Tuition Due Date12/16/2016
1st Day of Classes1/17/2017
Last Day of Classes5/4/2017
100% Refund1/18/2017
80% Refund1/25/2017
60% Refund2/1/2017
40% Refund2/15/2017
0% Refund3/1/2017

Graduate Refund Schedule

Spring 1 Term (SP) 2017Dates
15 Week Term
Tuition Due Date12/26/2016
1st Day of Classes1/9/2017
100% Refund1/9/2017
80% Refund1/17/2017
60% Refund1/24/2017
40% Refund2/7/2017
0% Refund2/22/2017


Spring 1  Term (SP) 2017Dates
7 Week Term
Tuition Due Date12/26/2016
1st Day of Classes1/9/2017
100% Refund1/9/2017
80% Refund1/11/2017
60% Refund1/13/2017
40% Refund1/20/2017
0% Refund1/26/2017


Spring 2 Term (SP) 2017Dates
Tuition Due Date2/15/2017
1st Day of Classes3/2/2017
100% Refund3/2/2017
80% Refund3/4/2017
60% Refund3/8/2017
40% Refund3/15/2017
0% Refund3/21/2017


Summer 1 Term (SP) 2017Dates
Tuition Due Date4/12/2017
1st Day of Classes4/26/2017
100% Refund4/27/2017
80% Refund5/1/2017
60% Refund5/8/2017
40% Refund5/15/2017
0% Refund5/16/2017


Summer 2 Term (SP) 2017Dates
Tuition Due Date6/5/2017
1st Day of Classes6/19/2017
100% Refund6/20/2017
80% Refund6/22/2017
60% Refund6/26/2017
40% Refund7/3/2017
0% Refund7/4/2017