The Business Expense Report form is filed in order to:

  • Account for purchases made in which a travel advance was obtained.
  • Request a reimbursement for travel costs.

The following must be shown on the business expense report in order for it to be processed:

  • Name and ID# of person filing report
  • Department and account number to be charged
  • Signatures of person filing the report, department head, and administrative officer
  • Itemization of purchases per day on form
  • Purpose of travel
  • Dates of travel
  • Location(s) of travel
  • Amount of cash advanced
  • Amount to be reimbursed to the employee

The following must be included with the business expense report:

  • Receipts for all items over $25.00
  • Detailed receipts for lodging
  • A list of the people taking the trip (i.e. needed for per diem meals)

In the case where a travel advance was obtained and you spent more than your travel advance, you will receive a check for the portion due to you. The stub will reflect the amount you spent minus the original amount of the travel advance. Travel expenses not reported within 60 days of the completion of the trip will be considered taxable income to the employee when reimbursed by the college.

Note: The executive cabinet has approved a change in the mileage reimbursement policy. The new policy specifies that employees are to be reimbursed the amount per mile that the state of Kentucky reimburses its employees. This rate will be updated each July 1. The current reimbursement rate is $0.43 per mile.