The Business and Economics Curriculum

General Information

The Business Administration and Economics Department at Georgetown College is committed to providing a broad professional education to prepare students for careers in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Our majors in Business Administration are built around required core courses that provide our students the basic skills in both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of Business Administration.

The Business Administration and Economics Department offers B.S. degrees in the following areas:


Business Administration


Healthcare Administration



These majors provide our students with both an introduction to the primary functional areas of business and the opportunity to pursue additional advanced study in at least two specific functional areas. A student majoring in a departmental program will be required to maintain a minor in an area of interest outside the department. If a student wishes to have more than one departmental major, there must to three courses or nine semester hours in each major that are not counted in any other major.

The Business Administration and Economics Department offers a B.A. degree in:


The Economics major takes a more abstract approach to learning about business. Students who complete this major learn general methods of analyzing problems and making decisions. They then apply those methods in a variety of business and government policy settings.

Additionally, the Business Department offers an interdisciplinary major for those interested in International Business, there is the opportunity to earn a B.A. degree in:

International Business and Culture

This major is comprised of courses that strive to develop students’ skills in both qualitative and quantitative areas of learning. Emphasis has been placed on developing critical thinking skills in addition to quantitative business analysis, accounting, and financial skills. Students with an International Business and Culture major are not required to have a minor.

For students with non-business majors, the Business Administration and Economics Department offers minors in Business Administration and Economics.

The Department also offers recognition and opportunities for its students outside the traditional classroom. These include academic awards, Phi Beta Lambda (a professional business organization for students), an invited speaker series, internships with area businesses, international travel and education, and a student investment team.

Business Major Degree Requirements

This section lists requirements for all business majors. Requirements for the interdisciplinary major are listed at the end under a separate heading.

All business majors build upon a common foundation of accounting, economics, and math. These common requirements are listed here. There is an additional set of courses required for all B.S. degrees, listed at the beginning of that section. Specialization courses are then listed separately for each major.

Preparation for the Major: 18 Hours

  • BUA 210 Principles of Accounting I
  • BUA 211 Principles of Accounting II
  • ECO 221* Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ECO 223* Principles of Microeconomics
  • MAT 111** Elementary Probability and Statistics
  • *Accounting and Economics majors choose from MAT 109 Business Calculus or MAT 125 Calculus I.

    All other Business majors choose from MAT 107 College Algebra, MAT 109 Business Calculus, MAT 115 Liberal Arts Math, or MAT 125 Calculus I.

    A list of all courses taught at Georgetown College is in the College Catalog, which is available at the online College Catalog or from the Admissions Office.