Computer Literacy

The General Education Curriculum at Georgetown College ensures that all students achieve computer literacy.  Business majors specify two particular areas in which students must attain literacy.  Students should work on these early in their academic career in order to prepare for later coursework.


All business students must achieve literacy in spreadsheets in order to take Principles of Accounting II.  Normally they demonstrate this ability by successfully completing a required workshop in Principles of Accounting I or by taking BUA 125, Introduction to Business.

        PowerPoint presentations

Students who wish to take Contemporary Marketing or Principles of Management must first achieve literacy in PowerPoint presentations.  Students who are not already proficient can acquire PowerPoint proficiency by taking COMM 115 or via Web tutorials.

Comprehensive Exam

All Georgetown College students must pass a comprehensive exam in their major in order to graduate.  The Business exam consists of three components.  The first part, the Major Field Test, is administered each semester.  Students should plan to take the test during their last semester so they can complete most required courses before the exam.  The second part consists of a written assignment.  Students majoring in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Healthcare Administration, Management, or Marketing will prepare a case analysis in their last semester.  Economics majors revise a paper from an Economics class under the direction of a professor.  For students pursuing the interdisciplinary major, International Business and Culture, the World Languages department determines what assignment completes the comprehensive exam.  The third part is a standardized test of college-level competencies that all business majors must take.

Minor Requirement

Students must have a minor in addition to their major (except for those who complete the interdisciplinary major, International Business and Culture, which satisfies both requirements at once), or complete 15 upper-level hours outside the major.  For Business students the minor (or upper-level hours) must be from an area outside the Business Administration and Economics Department.

Major – Minor Declaration

Students should submit a completed Major-Minor Declaration Form to the Registrar’s Office by the end of their sophomore year.  This form helps students plan their course of study to ensure timely graduation.  This is an excellent time to select an adviser from the Business Administration and Economics Department.

Double Majors

If a student wishes to major in two fields within the Business Administration and Economics Department, each major must include at least 3 courses and 9 hours that are not counted toward the other major.