Georgetown College developed its Environmental Science program in 1972, just two years after the first Earth Day. At that time, the modern environmental movement was in its infancy, with an uncertain future. Today, our alumni are among the nearly 2.5 million people who are employed nationally in a variety of environmental careers in both the public and private sectors.

The Environmental Science program provides an interdisciplinary foundation in environmental science within the framework of a liberal arts education. Because of the broad spectrum of environmental fields, students are provided with flexibility in selecting a course of study that reflects their specific area(s) of interest (i.e. analytical laboratory studies, field-oriented biology, political science, or some combination). All students in the program are required to take core courses that provide a solid foundation in the natural and physical sciences. The remaining courses are selected from one of two tracks:

  • Science Track
  • Environmental Policy Track

This B.S. Degree Program in Environmental Science prepares students for future study and employment leading to several possible career paths in government, industry, research, and academia. Independent studies and internships are available.

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