Being a Band Scholar at Georgetown College, puts a young lad or lass in the most exclusive of categories. Because of the incredible efforts of Band Scholars of years gone by - and the extraordinary support which has been generated for our Tiger Bands by many, many "OC" [aka On-Campus] and "GC" [aka Geographically Challenged] "Friends" - our Tiger Bands of today are truly the focal point of excellence, excitement and enthusiasm for our entire campus community.

Our Band Scholars of yesteryear now permeate the fields of medicine and law - are leaders in business and industry - are great stewards and servants in a plethora of school and church settings. On-campus, Band Scholars hold leadership roles and are looked to as leaders in virtually every student organization.

Our Tiger Bands and the Band Scholars continue to be the most highly visible campus organization of any kind, annually seen and heard by well-over 250,000 in live venues, and in recent years - enjoying great regional and national television coverage.

With these great privileges - also goes great responsibility - and our Band Scholars of today are distinctly "up to the challenge" of not only continuing - but ever-increasing the role of the Tiger Bands in all walks of campus life - be it academics, student organizations, the Greek system, et al. With our Five-Fold Band Tenets as our foundation - we shall never go wrong and look towards countless generations of future Band Scholars being a part of our Tiger Band Family.

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