Class of 2010, Savannah, GA


I found great inspiration and impressive role models in the art department at Georgetown College. Switching my major from Education to Art was a big decision for me but one that I definitely do not regret. There were some wonderful professors in the art department that helped me succeed and continue to be an inspiration to me today.

After graduation in 2010, I interned in the Marketing department at Buffalo Trace Distillery and then went on to work for Kentucky Monthly (magazine) for two years doing graphic design, website work and even got to design some products and their Travel Kentucky App.

Currently, I am living in Savannah, Georgia pursuing my M.A. Degree at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). I have met some incredible people here from all over the world and have seen a lot of talented artists. I will finish my degree in March and have yet to figure out my plans from there. No matter where I end up, I am extremely grateful for my education at Georgetown College and wouldn’t be where I am without it.