Class of 2007, Louisville, KY

My journey as an Art major at Georgetown College started in 2003.  I came to Georgetown determined to be a computer science major, haha.  After one semester of typing computer code, I decided to look into other professions.  I took an Intro to Computer Arts class to get the art general education requirement out of the way and knew that was what I wanted to do.  Not having any art experience from high school, I felt as though I came in late in the game; then and now, I still can only manage proficient stick figures, haha.  But, with a lack of traditional art experience I quickly fell in love with photography and the digital arts.  The faculty was great in helping my shape what exactly I wanted to do.  After taking Darrell Kincer’s Photography 101 class I knew I wanted to pursue a documentary style of photography.  My advisor, Dr. Decker, also helped me create an area minor we titled Motion Pictures Arts; I was allowed to choose the classes that made up the minor.  In order to get more experience behind a lens, my minor consisted of other technical courses from other area majors: Independent Film Making from the Communications major, Theatre Production from the Theatre Department, as well as other art classes such as 3D modeling and Animation and Motion Picture Arts.  I graduated in 2007, equipped with the thick skin and creative way of thinking that comes with majoring in Art, ready to carve out my place in the world.

Miles Jackson, Class of 2007, Louisville, KY

Miles Jackson, Class of 2007, Louisville, KY

Two fraternity brothers and I rented an apartment in Lexington, KY right after graduation.  With none of us having jobs, we hit the streets running to find anything we could to pay rent.  Luckily I got an offer to be a part-time news photographer for WKYT-TV, the CBS affiliate in Lexington.  Having no experience in broadcast videography or editing, I had to rely heavily on my still photography and motion picture classes from Georgetown.  Before I knew it I had worked there for four years, working 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shifts, learning how to operate microwave and satellite live trucks, traveling all over central and eastern Kentucky, and of course covering a lot, I mean A LOT of UK basketball.  In 2012 I accepted a job at WAVE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Louisville, KY and made the move.  It was part job growth, and part that’s where my girlfriend was and she was getting pretty tired of the long distance thing, haha.  It couldn’t have worked out better.  Since moving to WAVE, I have traveled for the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, shooting video on the court and the locker rooms after UK won the Championship;  I have interviewed members of the 2012 USA Olympic swim and fencing teams during practices before they headed to London;  I was shooting on the sidelines during the University of Louisville’s 2013 Sugar Bowl win in New Orleans; and to top it off I have won many awards from the Kentucky News Photographers Association and am currently nominated for two Emmys.

After college all I knew was that I wanted to take pictures.  I would have never guessed I would be living in the largest city in Kentucky doing video work for a television station.  Hard work and the foundation from the Georgetown College Art Department has defiantly helped in my success.

Photo caption: Photo taken June 28, 2013 at the Kentucky Speedway for the Quaker State 400 NASCAR race