Class of 2010, New York, NY

I arrived to Georgetown College in 2006 as an international student from Bucaramanga, Colombia. You might wonder how did I ended up there, but as much as I’d like to say that I had it planned all along, I really didn’t. I can surely say that some of the most amazing experiences in my life have occurred out of chance, even though I love to plan, and I have clear expectations of where I would like to be professionally and personally.

Angie Chahin, Class of 2012

Angie at graffiti heaven, AKA “5Pointz”, Long Island City, NY, spring 2013

During my last year of high school in Colombia, I decided that I wanted to explore a different culture before I started college. I was looking to have an adventurous year abroad, and I chose the U.S among other countries. I would have never guessed that I was going to end up in Versailles, KY, but this is where I was randomly sent to as a high school exchange student.  That is how I came across Georgetown College.

As a visiting prospective student at GC, I had the chance to spend the entire day in campus and shadow one of the students. Universities in other countries are very different. In Colombia, for example, your university is only the place where you go to class, and there’s no further involvement. During my visit to GC I not only went to classes, but I slept at the dorms and ate in the cafeteria, this was all so new to me. I vividly remember the first time that I saw the former college president, William Crouch, eating lunch with students at the cafeteria. Dr. Crouch looked so at ease and relaxed, laughing and joking with students. Even the school president was an integral part of the campus…that spoke loudly to me, and that told me that this was really a community, not just a college.

My decision to go to GC was easy. I was very nervous of going to college in the U.S, but Georgetown gave me the certainty that I was going to be taken care of, both academically and personally. Throughout my four years at GC, the professors were very involved in my academic development, and were so attentive to my various needs and aptitudes. I can truly say that I got the most personalized education I can think of. At Georgetown I had the chance to explore my every academic desire, and thanks to the close relationship to my professors I was able to push myself into learning in a way that worked for me, and to tackle subjects of my interest beyond the curriculum.

I have two professional loves, and I explored both of them to the maximum at Georgetown. I am incredibly business minded and I have strong passion for the arts, so I double majored in Art Studio and Business Administration. More than an academic field, being an Art major was a lifestyle: I was part of the most creative and disrupting community in campus. The Art Department was (and is) the leader of innovation at GC, full of progressive ideas and projects. I always dreamt of living in a big cosmopolitan city, and at the art building I was transported to the Louvre, the MoMA, el Museo Nacional Del Prado, and the Art Institute of Chicago. I also have an academic crush on Dr. Decker, the chair of the art department. She was truly inspiring, challenged my intellect, and I was guaranteed to have the most interesting conversation upon entering her office. It was thanks to Dr. Decker, that I decided to go to Paris to study abroad during my junior year.

If you are thinking of going to Georgetown or are currently attending, I urge you to think seriously about studying abroad. Georgetown allowed me to transfer my entire financial aid to my trip, and made it very easy for me to go. Living in Paris for 6 months was such an incredible learning experience. My classes consisted of on-site lectures at the various art galleries and museums of the city. Not to mention that the entire city was a learning ground, with its gorgeous architecture and artistic characters. Upon returning to the U.S, I had made my mind: I was moving to NYC.

New York City was to me like the Paris in the U.S. It offered a wide arrange of cultural activities, and after experiencing this in Paris I needed more of it, I craved it.  After graduation, I moved to NYC to work in consulting and real estate, and now I’m starting my Masters in Marketing at NYU. I absolutely enjoy living in NYC because every day can turn out to be so unexpected.

The art world is a big part of my life. I am always so excited about going to all of the amazing museums in the city, the abundant art galleries, and exploring the ever-changing street art. I cannot get enough of it; there is always a new show, a new exhibit, and something to look forward to. My art degree has given me the tools to enjoy the culture of this city, and to have one of the most rewarding hobbies I can think of.

I hope that you find your true passions during your time at Georgetown, the tools are all there for you. The best advice I can give you is to be open to different experiences; you will be surprised how much you will learn along the way.