Class of 2010, Cincinnati, OH

I grew up in an artistic family; both of my parents minored in studio art at Georgetown College. I always loved creating art and knew it would be part of my educational future.  Georgetown was not on my top list of colleges, as I had wanted to pursue fashion design while in high school. However, Georgetown knew it was the place I needed to be to foster my artistic passions.

Angelina McCoyI majored in studio art at Georgetown and became a part of the family in the art department. The faculty and students encouraged me in my learning and pushed me as an artist. My time studying in the GC art department was challenging but rewarding.  My first class with Dr. Decker changed my view on art history; I actually enjoyed reading and writing about art for the first time. My experience at GC enabled me to grow as an artist, scholar, and individual as well as lead me to where I am today.

Currently I am pursuing my Master of Arts in art history at the University of Cincinnati.  It is because of Dr. Decker’s classes in art history and curatorial studies that I chose to further my education. I am a teaching assistant at the school of DAAP and also work at the Cincinnati Art Museum in Visitor Services. I enjoy living and working in Cincinnati, surrounded by great art and great food.  I look forward to whatever the future holds when I complete my Master’s, whether it be in a museum or a small non-profit organization, inspiring individuals and connecting art and people.