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Our undergraduate application is completely free, can be completed on a mobile device and takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. To make things even easier, we have taken all of our undergraduate applications and rolled them into one. Whether you will be a First-time Freshman or a Transfer student, whether you are in-state, out-of-state, or international - even if you will just take a course or two (or three) as a Dual Enrollment student, a Transient student, or just want to Audit a course - it doesn’t matter: you can apply for any of these by clicking the button below. Our application will evolve based on the type of student you are.


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Our graduate education application is fast and easy, too!  For more information about our graduate education programs, you can click here.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Most high schools and colleges require that students request their transcripts. High school students can request their transcript through Parchment (click here to go to Parchment). Transfer students will need to request their transcript from their registrar office. While you can be admitted to GC with an unofficial transcript, we will need official transcripts before you attend.

For many students, their test scores will be listed on their high school transcript, and so there is no need to send test scores separately; alternatively, you can list colleges to receive your scores for free when you take the exam, so that would be an easy way to send your scores to GC. If you did not send them to us already and your test scores are not listed on your transcript, or if you have higher scores than what are listed, then you can request that test scores be sent to GC from the testing sites (you will need to log in). If you took the ACT, click here to request your test scores be sent to GC; if you took the SAT, click here.

No, all of our applications are 100% free.

Not at all. Most high school seniors don’t know what they want to major in when they are looking at colleges. You will have plenty of time to investigate different academic areas that may interest you throughout the application process and after you arrive as a student. For more information on our majors and academic programs please click here.

Georgetown College has a variety of scholarships to offer students. We offer Merit scholarships, Competitive scholarships and scholarships for transfer students. For more information on scholarships please click here .


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Still not sure which application is right for you? If you have any questions about the application process, contact the Office of Admission at 502-863-8009 or email us using the button below.

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