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When it comes to money, timing matters.  Spend money before you earn it, and you’ll have to pay interest on a loan.  Wait until after you earn it to spend money, and you can earn interest on your savings.  This simple fact is a major determinant of stock and bond values, and it drives firms’ decisions on whether to take on new investment projects.  The Finance major explores this key relation and its meaning for the stock market and the bond markets, for people saving for retirement, for people borrowing for a house, and for firms trying to expand into new areas of operation. This major will give you finesse in the field of finance!

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The College’s Investment Team started with $50,000 of the college endowment (yes, the real endowment!) and has grown it to over $550,000 to date.


Finance is one of seven connected majors within the Business program at Georgetown College, providing a breadth of preparation for students.


The average recipient of a bachelor's degree in finance takes in $101,038 a year. The types of jobs finance majors can choose from vary greatly, including investment banking, equity research, financial planning, budget analysis, and Treasury analysis. (Source: Comparably. Finance Major Salary)

Program Requirements

51 hours for major; no minor available

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Potential Careers

“I chose to work in finance because there's seemingly no limit to how successful you can be in the business world. The small class sizes and friendly professors at Georgetown gave me every chance to build a strong foundation in finance as long as I was willing to put in the work.” 

 - Tyler Zander, '16

"Finance is not only a major with many job opportunities but it also is essential knowledge everyone needs no matter what career."

 - Stone Alley, '18

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