About Asian Studies

The Asian Studies minor enables you to combine the study of an Asian language with selected courses in the humanities. You are encouraged to seek out internships and study abroad experiences to allow you to apply your cultural literacy to real-world situations—making it a minor that can have a major impact on your success.


Minor combines the study of the Japanese language and culture studies.


Georgetown College has a guaranteed spot for a GC graduate to become an English Teaching Assistant in Georgetown’s sister city--Tahara, Japan.


Toyota’s largest North American plant is in Georgetown, giving Asian Studies students the chance for internships and experiences.

Potential Careers

"The knowledge, the relationships and the experiences I gained at GC have continued to enrich my life in immeasurable ways."

 - Dave Willis, '01

“Georgetown ignited a fire within me, a passion for helping others and a love of learning, an eternal flame."

 - Ruth Willoughby, '01

“Georgetown's grounding in liberal arts education allowed me to be well versed in a variety of areas beyond my major. This continues to pay dividends in my career to this day.” 

 - Brandy Osborne, '99

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