The Women’s Studies Program regularly hosts extracurricular events and activities, often in conjunction with other programs and departments (like Honors, Art History, English, and Psychology). In recent years, we have had many speakers to campus (like Karen Sheppard, Counselor at the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, Fran Ellers, author of Standing Up for Reproductive Rights: The Struggle for Legal Abortion in Kentucky, and Soreyda Benedit Begley, Lexington-based fashion designer originally from Honduras). We have co-sponsored panels, roundtable discussions, art installations, and conferences, and we have screened films (like Water) and taken field-trips to movies off campus (like Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House). We have also organized excursions to local universities and colleges for academic lectures (e.g., Lesley Dean-Jones’ talk on ancient gynecology at Transylvania University) and to neighboring cities and towns for co-curricular events (e.g., an exhibit of American wedding dresses at the Cincinnati Art Museum). See what Women’s-Studies-related events are coming up soon on and off campus, and start participating today!

Students wishing to become involved in Women’s Studies outside the classroom can also join the Student Women and Gender Society (SWaGS). Started by students in 2009, the group has sponsored campaigns and events on campus to raise awareness about troubling issues like the gender wage gap, negative body image, and sexual assault. SWaGS has regular business meetings and get-togethers for informal discussions of topics like women and spirituality, “the beauty myth,” and sexuality.