112. Women and Culture: An Introduction.
Spring. As needed. (3 hours) Barbaccia.

A chronological, interdisciplinary survey of women’s major cultural and artistic contributions. Offered only as a Foundations 112 course. Prerequisite: FDN 111.

211. Introduction to Women’s Studies.
As needed. (3 hours) Barbaccia, Lookadoo, Scheier, Wright-Smith.

An interdisciplinary study of women and gender viewed through historical and contemporary readings. Emphasizes analysis of new and traditional representations and interpretations of women’s experiences.

341. Women in the Christian Tradition. (3 hours)
Odd Falls. (3 hours) Klopfer.

Same as REL 341. An exploration of the involvement of women in the Christian tradition from the time of Jesus to the present. Prerequisite: one course from REL 231, 233, 235, 237, or 329.

440. Independent Study. (1-3 hours)

450. Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies.
As needed. (3 hours) Barbaccia, Decker, Tarver.

Senior research seminar for students minoring in women’s studies. Non-minors may take the course with the approval of the program coordinator. Prerequisite: WST 211.

470. Topics.
As needed. (3 hours) Staff.

Special topics in Women’s Studies.