The Women’s Studies Program comprises various courses, many of which are cross-listed in other departments and programs, such as Art History, Communications, English, History, MCLC, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology. We provide minors and non-minors opportunities to pursue their interests in women’s issues, feminism, and sex/gender in a wide range of introductory, interdisciplinary, and upper-level classes. Many Women’s Studies courses also carry Cultural Awareness flags.


The interdisciplinary minor consists of twenty-one hours. The following three courses (nine hours) are required:

  • WST 211 Introduction to Women’s Studies;
  • WST 341 Women in the Christian Tradition;
  • WST 450 Senior Seminar in Women’s Studies.

An additional twelve semester hours (four courses) are selected from:

  • ART 370 Special Topics in Art History (when offered as Women and Art);
  • CLA 316 Ancient Drama;
  • COMM 329 Gender and Communication;
  • ENG 428 Women and Writing;
  • HIS 470 Topics in History (when offered as Women’s History);
  • PHI 370 Topics in Philosophy (when offered as Feminist Philosophy);*
  • POS 333 Women and Politics;
  • PSY 337 Psychology of Women;*
  • PSY 350 Relationships;*
  • SOC 390 Gender and Society;
  • SPA 324 Spanish American Short Story;
  • WST 112 Introduction to Women and Culture;
  • WST 470 Topics.

* These courses have a prerequisite.

Topics courses may be re-taken for credit as long as they are sufficiently different in content. Finally, students may petition the Director of Women’s Studies to apply towards their minor courses not listed here that have a substantial emphasis on women and/or sex/gender, including but not limited to relevant sections of FDN 112, sections of courses with a “women’s emphasis,” independent studies, topics courses, Honors seminars, Honors theses, senior theses, tutorials, and new departmental offerings.