There are a number of ways you can contact us here at WRVG. We are always looking to hear from our listeners — send us your feedback, questions, and requests!

To contact the station, you can:

“Like” us on Facebook

or follow any of our Twitter accounts for regular updates:

@WRVG for generalupdates
@WRVGNews for news
@WRVGSports for sports
@WRVGMusic for music and event updates.

You can use Facebook or the Hashtag #WRVGRequests to request songs during our live shows (Check the Schedule).

Or, you can email any of our Student Directors or Faculty Adviser directly:

Sydney Mosko, General Manager:
Meredith Scalos, Production & Events Director:
Daniel Chick, News & Information Director:
Keith Arutoff, Sports Director:
Tori Shover, Local Music Representative:

Dr. Jacob Dickerson, Faculty Adviser: