Although the faces of WRVG are always changing, our goals do not change. We are a student-operated radio station, committed to providing high-quality content as well as information and support for the Georgetown community.


WRVG, 93.7 – Georgetown College Student Radio – is a broadcast service of Georgetown College. We operate at 100 watts on Low Power FM. We are licensed to Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY.


To inform, entertain, and connect the Georgetown College campus and community while providing educational opportunities for students


We provide diverse, unique, and high quality on-air programming and online content. For Georgetown College and its community, we are a valued resource and a respected alternative to other local media. Students participate in nearly all aspects of running the station through well-structured educational opportunities.

Guiding Principles

  1. Our primary purpose is educational. We serve as a training ground for students interested in pursuing broadcasting or journalism.
  2. We strive to uphold the principles of Georgetown College and to abide by all relevant broadcasting rules and regulations.
  3. We welcome the participation of any Georgetown College student, faculty, or staff member who wants to contribute.
  4. The station should be operated, as much as possible, by students, for students and community, with guidance from a faculty advisor.
  5. Student staff may be paid for their involvement with the station.
  6. The faculty advisor guides students professionally and academically and may also act as the station’s general manager.
  7. Students and faculty advisor must be careful stewards of the station’s physical, financial, and intangible resources (such as on air and online content, the station’s reputation, and collective knowledge).
  8. On the air and behind the scenes, we remain nonpartisan, although, in accordance with FCC regulations, we will offer equal time to candidates for political office as well as to Georgetown college students, faculty, and staff who want to express their views, as long as they do so civilly and respectfully.
  9. We broadcast music, news, sports, public affairs, and more, all chosen by students. Students, community, and the faculty advisor may make programming decisions that are in keeping with our mission, vision, and these principles.
  10. We welcome opportunities to use the station’s resources, when possible, in ways that support the mission of the College as well as the mission of the station (such as for classroom activities or promoting campus events).