A Quick Bite: Why Tiger Football is #1

I log onto the Mid-South Conference website almost everyday to check up on updated conference standings and awards in every sport, not just my own (cross country and track).  I have seen my fair share of Georgetown College football games, and I am glad to say I have not seen them lose at home from the comfort of the press box out at Toyota Stadium.  In fact, the Tigers have won every game they’ve played this season with a record of 9-0.  They now sit in the number 1 spot in the Top-25 poll released every Monday, after the former number 1, Marian lost to number 5 St. Xavier (Illinois).  So it befuddles me as to why out of 30 different MSC Players of the Week, Georgetown has only four Georgetown players have been given that honor.

Many Georgetown players put up comparable stats to those who have won the award for Offense, Defense or Special Teams.  So after pondering for a few minutes I come to two conclusions: A) Georgetown doesn’t have any more than four players of the week and B) why that is a great blessing (possibly in disguise) for the Tigers.

As I mentioned earlier the Tigers stand at 9-0 on the season. This came after a 77-0 win over Union College (a team that’s really not that bad).  In order to this it takes an entire team effort, from the coaching staff, the players and the training staff on the sidelines.  In other words, there have only been four players given player of the week, because they don’t worry about individual stats.  They are there first and foremost to win and are willing to sacrifice numbers to get it.  You can see this in the running game for the Tiger’s.  Not only do they have depth at the fullback position, but the third stringer is the teams leading rusher.  That is something that you don’t see at any level of football.

The Tiger’s have one more game left in the regular season at UVA-Wise, one that they should win with relative ease.  From there they should enter the playoffs as the Number 1 Team in the nation.  And that is just it.  While players have put up numbers that could compete for Player of the Week, there is no individualism on this team.  Those awards mean nothing to the individual player, if they don’t win.  Opposing teams can’t just watch one player in the game film when they come to play Georgetown; they have to watch the entire field.

Georgetown College has it’s best chance in ten years to win a national title, and don’t expect any of the Tigers to pick up another MSC Player of the Week Award this season.  They don’t need them, and they’ve shown that all season long on the Appian Way.