GC Offers Undergraduate Program Online, Specifically for Military Veterans

Georgetown College announces the genesis of GC VetScholars, a program specifically designed to cater to Military Veterans.

Just in from Georgetown College News Bureau’s Jim Durham:

Georgetown College announced this unique new program for military veterans today. There will be a limited number of spots in the first two charter courses, so potential GC VetScholars are encouraged to check out the website immediately to  register. Below is a quick look at what makes this online program special.

GC VetScholars is currently enrolling students in for its two online charter courses, slated for release in its first fall term beginning on August 20th. The second fall term, according to Durham, begins on October 15th. The official program of “Economics and Civic Leadership Studies Online Degree” launches January 2013.

The program is dedicated to providing “real education” to veterans to serve in the real world, “combined with professional and education mentoring.” It strives to serve those of us who have already served–us and our country–by offering education and career mentoring to veterans, by veterans.

Read more here, at the official press release.

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Updated to reflect, more so, the program being online.