This page has links describing the various services the Writing Center can provide in our one-on-one tutorials.        FALL 2015

TutorClass YearSpecialtyTutoring Hours
Maddie RossSeniorReligion, Chemistry12:30-4:30 pm Tues & Thurs; 9-11 pm Sun nights
Hunter JettSophomoreElementary Ed, English12:30-4:30 pm Mon & Weds; 7-9 pm Wednesdays
Keaston HallJuniorEconomics, Political Science7-11 pm Sun nights; 2:30-4:30 pm Tues & Weds
Andrea BellewSeniorEnglish, Religion, Communications7-9 pm Mon & Thurs nights; 9-11 Weds nights
Ciara GoodmanJuniorPolitical Science, English, Spanish7-9 pm Tues nights; 7-11 pm Weds & Thurs nights
Kate DoctorSeniorEnglish, Women’s Studies7-9 pm Sun & Tues; 9-11 Thurs nights
Brooklyn FoxJuniorEnglishTBA
Rachel RouseJuniorPsychology7-9 pm Sun nights; 9:30-11 am Tues & Thurs;
Fiona McElrathSeniorEnglish, Theatre, Classics (Oxford Scholar)Until Oct 2, 12:30-4:30 pm Mon;  12:30-2:30 Weds; 7-9 pm Mon nights
Katy HarveySeniorBiology, Chemistry, English12:30-4:30 pm Tues & Thurs
 Anna Joy Thompson Senior Environmental Science, Sociology 9-11 pm Weds nights