Tutors, their Majors/Familiarities, Available Times for Each Tutor

This page has links describing the various services the Writing Center can provide in our one-on-one tutorials.

Spring 2014

Tutor Class Year Specialty Tutoring Hours
Erin Wentworth Senior English, Secondary Education Sun, Tues, Weds nights 7-9 pm
Katherine Roy Junior English, Sociology Tues & Thurs mornings 9:30-11 am
Elissa Porter Senior Psychology, Spanish, and English Mon & Weds 3:20 pm-4:30 pm
Anna Joy Thompson Sophomore Biology, Sociology Mon & Weds 2-3:20 pm, Weds 9-11 pm late nights, Mon nights 8-9 pm
Nathalie Alexakos Sophomore English, Communications Mon & Weds 7-9 pm
Leanndra Padgett Senior English, Education, Biology Sun late nights 9-11 pm, Mon & Weds 2-3 pm
Genee Johns Senior Music, Psychology Mon & Tues & Thurs 12:30-2 pm, late nights Weds 9-11 pm
Jonathan Balmer Senior English, History Sun nights 7-9, Mon nights 8-9 pm
Anna Meurer Senior History, Religion, Political Science, Philosophy Mon nights 7-8 pm, Thurs nights 7-11 pm
Katy Harvey Sophomore Biology, English Tues & Thurs afternoons 2-4:30, Tues nights 7-9 pm
Emily Krick Senior English, History Sun night 9-11 pm, Tues 2-4 pm, Thurs night 7-11 pm

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