"Georgetown College is known for offering a personal and caring, excellent and invigorating, championship-level education of the heart and mind. This education is the core of who we are, and, in spite of the worldwide pandemic we are all working through, we must continue to strive to meet this standard."

-President William A. Jones


This past March, our entire campus sprang into action to successfully finish the spring semester, and we did! Our students and faculty adapted classes and assignments halfway through the syllabus, our staff provided support and invented new systems on the fly, and everyone worked together - this is Georgetown College at its finest!

We trust that as we begin this fall, that same energy, compassion, and intelligence will carry us forward as well. We are committed to using this time, with all of its unique challenges, to become an even better college, to become even more connected as a campus, and to help our students be even better prepared for the job market they will be joining. Let's approach the adventure of responsibly living and learning together during this challenging time with excitement and resolve, and let's make Georgetown College even better!

Please click on the links below to learn more about some of the changes that we will be making this fall. Of course, we will need to adapt as more guidance comes from the CDC and other officials and as the medical science advances, so please continue to check back for more information.


UPDATED 7/15/2020

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