lab theaterGeorgetown College Maskrafters was organized in May of 1924 by James Morland, Registrar of the college. The Ruth Pearce Wilson Lab Theatre is currently the primary performance space for Maskrafters. Recent productions in the Lab Theatre include:

  • Crimes of the Heart
  • You Can’t Take it With You
  • Midsummer Nights Dream
  • Grease
  • Merry Freakin’ Xmas
  • The Nerd
  • Art
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
  • Arcadia

The Lab Theatre is also used by film faculty and students for staged readings and camera work.

The Ruth Pearce Wilson Lab Theatre is home to many of Georgetown College’s Department of Theatre and Performance Studies classes. The space is a working black box theatre, and can be used as a rehearsal space, production studio and dance studio. The theatre is also used as a performance/awards ceremony/gathering place by groups such as Georgetown College’s Summer Programs, local schools and various other community groups.

Most recently, the Lab Theatre was used to construct a hollywood style movie set for our recent feature length film unDeserved, shot this past spring. It included a dorm that was built with roll-away walls for special camera shots, the same space later repainted and moved around to make a campus ministry lounge, all done by our wonderful Professor/Technical Director Dathan Powell

Directions to Campus

From the South

Via Interstate 75 – North to Exit 125. Turn left onto US 460 and 62. Proceed 1.3 miles through two traffic lights. Turn left onto Memorial Drive.

From the North

Via Interstate 75 – South to Exit 126. Turn right onto US 62. Proceed approximately ½ mile to third traffic light and turn right. Proceed approximately 1 mile on Main Street and turn left onto Memorial Drive.

From the West

Via Interstate 64 – East to Exit 69. Turn left onto US 62 for 4.2 miles. At intersection of US 460 (not the bypass), turn right, which turns into Main Street. Travel 1.3 miles (through a traffic light, a caution light, and a second traffic light) and turn right on Memorial Drive.

Via the Bluegrass Parkway – Go to the end of the parkway. Exit right onto Versailles Road (US 60) toward Lexington. Proceed 6.2 miles and take the second New Circle Road exit (New Circle North). Proceed 4 miles to Georgetown Road (US 25), Exit 8. Turn left and proceed 10.1 miles to the ninth Georgetown traffic light. (Note: The US 460/62 bypass crosses US 25 at the first Georgetown traffic light. Do not turn here; but proceed to the ninth stop light.) At this intersection of US 25 and US 460 and 62, turn right. Proceed through caution light and traffic light and turn right onto Memorial Drive.

From the East

Via Interstate 64 – West on I-64. As I-64 and I-75 split just north of Lexington, take I-75 North. Proceed to Exit 125. Turn left onto US 460 and 62. Proceed 1.3 miles through two traffic lights and turn left onto Memorial Drive.