Survey after survey and study after study confirms it: what sets GC apart is the relationships. Nowhere is this more true than between faculty and students, and never will this matter more than this fall.

Changing the Academic Calendar

For fall 2020, we are making two major changes to the schedule.

  1. Early Start: Classes will begin on August 10, 2020, and Finals will conclude on November 24, 2020. The only break will be between the two subsessions.

  2. Subsessions: Students will complete two subsessions within the fall semester, with their classes split between the two subsessions. A student signed up for five classes, for example, might complete two classes in Subsession One, and three classes in Subsession Two.


Subsession One  August 10-September 28, 2020
First Day of Classes August 10
Last Day of Classes September 28
Final Exams September 29-30
Mid-Session Break October 1
Subsession Two October 2-November 20, 2020
First Day of Classes October 2
Last Day of Classes November 20
Final Exams November 23-24

This will require that student class schedules be adapted for this fall. The Registrar is working on this process now. All students will have their revised class schedule sent to them on July 15th and will have the opportunity to review the schedule with their advisors before classes begin to make any necessary changes.

Each 3-hour class will be scheduled to meet four days a week—Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, for an hour and 15 minutes (just like the class period for Tuesday/Thursday classes during a standard semester). Other classes, such as those with labs, will also be adapted to fit into the subsessions.

Flexible Scheduling

In all ways, Georgetown faculty are committed to working with students (as always!) to help them be successful. For this fall, this will mean that more of our classes do some of the work online, while using in-class time to form connections, answer questions, and deepen understanding. We are also working to create more outdoor classroom spaces!

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