Recycling Bins

Students applying labels and distributing recycling bins across campus.
Students applying labels and distributing recycling bins across campus.


There are a number of recycling bins around Georgetown College’s campus, many of which have been donated by the Pepsi company. They are comingled, meaning that all of the items below can be placed in any bin.

  • plastic items marked #1 or #2 (Check for the recycling logo on the item. The number will be in the middle of the logo.)
  • aluminum
  • steel cans
  • cardboard
  • all paper products (including printer paper, glossy magazines, phone books, and newspapers)

If the recycling container in your area is full or if there is some other problem with it, call Carlos Cooper at 502-863-8119. You can also call that number if you have more to recycle than will fit in the available container. Housekeeping will bring you as many blue plastic bags for recycling as you need. Housekeeping will recognize blue transparent bags as containing items that need to be recycled.

Other Recycling Efforts

Electronic Equipment

Our ITS (computer help) group recycles any electronic equipment except televisions. That includes DVD players, VCRs, computers, keyboards, monitors, cell phones, iPads, etc. Please take any electronics that you wish to recycle to their office in Cook during the hours they are open. Recycling electronics prevents hazardous components in them from leaking into groundwater when they are discarded.

Ink Jet Cartridges & Toner Cartridges

Pub/Dup has a recycling bin for inkjet cartridges and toner cartridges from printers. Please drop those off in Pub/Dup if you don’t already have a method of returning them to the manufacturer.


The Georgetown Recycling Center also accepts car batteries and lawn or garden tractor batteries. These items are heavy and hazardous if they leak. Either take them to the Georgetown Recycling Center directly or call Carlos Cooper at 502-863-8119 to ask about putting it in a recycling bin near you. The town recycling center is at 1161 Paris Pike, and the phone number is 502-868-5304. If you happen to have any large appliances lying around, the town recycling center will take those as well.