We encourage all Georgetown College students to take advantage of our peer tutoring. Individual, group, and peer based instruction tutoring is available to all students. As of  now, we have tutors for all foundations and core courses and most 100 and 200 level courses with fewer for 300 and 400 level courses.

If a tutor is needed, particularly for a 300 or 400 level course, it is encouraged that students review the Georgetown portal in order to determine if a tutor is offered. If a tutor is not offered for the class a student needs, a tutor can be requested in order for
the Office of Academic Success to do their best to find one for you!

If a tutor is needed at all, it is highly preferred that students go to group tutoring before individual tutoring if they are in a course where group tutoring is offered.

Group Tutoring Fall 2015

Foundations 111 Group Tutoring

F.A.Q about Tutoring:

What is the difference peer based instruction and group tutoring?

A few classes have students assigned to them by faculty to help anyone who is in need of extra help. These students are peer based instructors and will sit in on your class and then lead free help sessions to assist you in better understanding your course work. Talk with your professor about when and where these sessions will be held. Group tutors will not sit in on your class, they will only lead the free help sessions. Click on the Group Tutoring Sessions tab on your left for a complete listing of tutoring sessions offered or check the calendar for sessions being offered this week!