Academic progress checks come out during the 5th and 8th week of every semester. Progress checks are a way for professors to communicate about student’s progress in regards to grades, attendance, and other key areas. Academic Progress Checks are intended to help improve performance in and out of class in order to obtain the most success in the course before the final exam. Students will receive their progress checks via their Georgetown College email.

Dates for Academic Progress Checks for the Spring 2014 semester are February 10 and March 10.

What do I do if I received a progress check?

We always recommend talking with the professor who sent the check.  Speak with them before or after class, or you may need to set up a separate meeting during their office hours.  You can discuss the details of your check and ask for suggestions on how to improve/ change.

You can attend group tutoring sessions or request a peer tutor through the Portal.

You may receive a text or email message from Jesse or Gretchen.  If we ask for an update, just simply respond by telling us about your classes and how you are planning on improving.

Jesse or Gretchen may request that you see them in person in their offices – don’t panic!  This is just a way for us to have a conversation beyond a text message.  Just stop by the third floor of the Student Center between the times they suggest to update them on your classes.