roadThe Counseling Center provides services to students with learning disabilities, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders, and any other disabilities.

Students should mail or bring copies of reports listing their diagnoses and recommendations to the Counseling Center. Counseling staff will act as a liaison with the student and his or her professor, writing letters to the professors, listing recommendations and accommodations the student may need.

It is important to return to the Counseling Center at the beginning of each semester with a list of classes for that semester so that new letters can be mailed, informing professors of your needs. In addition, staff can provide numerous suggestions for improving performance. If a student believes he or she has a learning disorder or attention-deficit, but has never been diagnosed, Counseling Center staff can make referrals for assessment and testing.

For more information, contact:
Georgetown College Student Wellness Center
400 East College Street
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324-1696

Phone: (502) 863-7074
Fax: (502) 868-7717