This handbook will be a valuable resource during your time as a student at Georgetown. The links below provide a summary of the traditions, services, opportunities, resources, and expectations that form the basis by which all of us live, work, study, and grow together. The information is especially pertinent to your success. While regulations regarding student life are few, our interest in preserving the Christian context and high ideals for current and future Georgetonians is significant. The student handbook will help you become a part of this active and innovative community.

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Campus Safety: 502-863-8111
  • Police: 502-863-7820
  • Fire: 502-863-7830
  • Ambulance: 502-863-7840
  • Student Life Office: 502-863-8004


Table of Contents

The College

Student Policies

Academic Services

Campus Activities and Campus Life

Campus Services