These rights include:

  1. Right to written notice of all charges against the student. (The notice must be received at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled hearing. The student may have the option to waive the 48 hour notice. It is the student’s responsibility to appear at the scheduled hearing. Failure to appear may lead to additional charges. The case will be heard if the student does not appear and he/she has received the proper notice.);
  2. Right of due process within the Accountability System, except within the last ten (10) days of each semester and during summer session, during which the Vice President for Student Life or his/her designee will address accountability matters;
  3. Right to be presumed not responsible until proven responsible;
  4. Right to refuse to answer questions that tend to be self-incriminating;
  5. Right to a hearing conducted in a timely manner;
  6. Right to present material and character witnesses from the College community (Material witnesses are those possessing direct knowledge of the case under consideration or those having technical or expert information relevant to the case. The student may present two (2) character witnesses at a hearing.);
  7. Right to a separate hearing upon request;
  8. Right to face the author of the report (The College may act on behalf of the author of the report);
  9. Right to question any material witness or evidence;
  10. Right to subsequent appeal(s) as outlined in the appeals section of the Accountability System; and
  11. Right to waive any of the above rights provided it is done of the student’s own free will.