The Accountability System of Georgetown College is designed to support the purpose and mission of the College. A fundamental premise of the system is that students are expected to act responsibly so that each student has the opportunity to grow intellectually, spiritually, physically, and socially. The system is also designed to encourage accountability by stressing the relationship inherent between individual actions and consequences. The system is intended to be educational in nature, rather than punitive. Due process is a fundamental ingredient of the system, yet this principle should not be confused with the legal restrictions associated with criminal courts of law. The principles of fairness and reasonableness serve as foundations for the system.

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The Accountability System of Georgetown College is comprised of three levels. These levels are:

  1. Settlement Hearings
  2. Accountability Board and Administrative Hearings
  3. The Appeals Process

Accountability Board

The Accountability Board is composed of:

  1. No more than eight students
    • Applications and interviews for the student Accountability Board position may occur through the campus-wide Emerging Leaders process. Final board membership will be approved by the Vice President for Student Life.
    • Student members must be in good academic and social standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5. Board members shall serve for one academic year and are eligible for re-nomination.
  2. No more than five faculty members
  3. Student Life staff members

Members of the Accountability Board hear allegations of student violations of the Student Code of Conduct. They hear evidence and decide levels of responsibility. When appropriate, the members assign sanctions.