Teams that call less than 24 hours in advance to cancel, do not have enough members to field a complete team, or simply do not show will be given a forfeit. Two forfeits will eliminate a team from season and tournament play.


Teams may forfeit up to two games, NO MORE, and still be eligible for the tournament if they call the supervisor and the opposing team captain at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled game time. This forfeit will not allow the team to receive the 20/10 sportsmanship points to be added to the All Sports total (see All Sports Point System), but will allow them in tournament play and place points.


Teams that call in at least 48 hours in advance of game time will be given one opportunity to reschedule their game (given that the season schedule allows time).

Sportsmanship Conduct for Intramurals

The policy is to encourage good sportsmanship. At the conclusion of each game, the referees, scorekeepers, and supervisor will assign the teams a point value. The point value will be reported depending on how the team’s actions and words were towards referees and other team players. At the conclusion of the season, teams must have at least a 2.2 average and forfeit less than two games in order to qualify for the tournament. The rating system is as follows:

3 = Good game
2 = Minor outburst/complaints/rough housing to other team
1 = Several outburst/complaints/rough housing to other team
0 = Bad game or Forfeit

Captains that disagree with the score their team received may meet with the supervisor and James Koeppe the day after the game.

Players ejected from a game must report to the Director Campus Recreation the following day to discuss the incident. These players are automatically suspended one game and are suspended from further play in any IM sport until they have met with the Director. Team captains will report to the office to answer for team violations or misconduct. Teams and players also have a responsibility to prevent their fans and coaches from abusing the officials and/or opponent.


To play for a point-team an individual must be an active member of the organization and/or live in the respective residence. An individual who is neither may only play for a point-team if approved by the Intramural Supervisor Staff. See “Player Outside of Residence Hall” below.

If someone from outside the hall plays without approval and the team is playing for points, that game will be counted as a forfeit regardless as to when it is reported.

No more than 30% of the team players may have been on a related sports team within the past year. (e.g. 5th year seniors, sophomore who played their freshman year, on JV the previous season, etc.)

Red shirts, JV and current players are ineligible.

A player may only be on one team. Team members may not move from one team to another once rosters are locked. Roster changes are usually allowed up to and before the 2nd game in small sports and 3rd game in large sports. A player can change from one team to another during this period, but not move back.

Player Outside of Residence Hall

Teams wishing to have a person play for them who is not an active* member of their organization and who does not live in their respective residence hall, may write or e-mail a request to the Intramural Supervising staff. The letter needs to explain why that person should be permitted to play on their team and still be considered a point-team. The letter needs to be provided at the same time the roster is due or before. If the request is denied, teams may still play with the person on their team. However, they will not be considered as a point-team, but will still be eligible for champion t-shirts. Note: when considering a request(s) the Intramural Supervising staff will only allow for 30% of your point-team to be non-members or non-residents.

*Active is defined as a current student and member, not alum.

Faculty/Staff (F/S)

All F/S members and his/her spouse are encouraged to participate in Intramurals. S/he must play for a Faculty/Staff team unless:

  1. there happens to be no F/S team playing for points; or
  2. s/he is a respective resident for a point organization.

If either of these applies, a F/S member may then join a point-team under the conditions that the F/S member is considered as a “Player Outside of a Residence Hall.” (See rule above.)

Note: if a F/S member wishes to play for a non-point-team, s/he can do so even if there is a F/S team.

*Alumni are not allowed to participate in Intramural Events unless s/he is a current faculty or staff member, or specified otherwise.


Protests of the eligibility of a player(s) should be filed within 48 hours of game time with an IM Supervisor. A decision on the protest will be made soon by the Director of Student Engagement and both teams will be notified promptly. Protests will not be allowed on official’s judgment call(s).