A sanction used in the resolution of an honor offense should be based on precedent, prior record, attitude, and severity of the offense. The following are the most commonly recognized sanctions. Particular incidents may require the use of one or more of these sanctions.

  • Written reprimand/Warning
  • Financial Restitution
  • F on specific assignment
  • F in pertinent course
  • Suspension for a period of time with a right to reapply for admission following the suspension period
  • Expulsion (no right to reapply)

Precedent must be established over time. During early implementation of the Honor System, communication must occur between the Faculty, Provost/Dean of the College, Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students, and Honor Council members to aid in fair and consistent sanctions.

A second honor offense will result in at least an automatic “F” in the course. The Honor Council may not assign a lesser sanction but the Provost (on appeal) has the discretion to deviate from this firm expectation.