Infractions of the Honor System include cheating, stealing, and lying related to academic matters. These infractions are defined as follows:

  • Cheating. Fabricating written assignments; giving aid to any student or receiving aid without the consent of the professor on tests, quizzes, assignments, or examinations; consulting unauthorized work with the intent of subverting the purpose of the exercise. (An assignment shall be defined as any work, required or voluntary, submitted to an instructor for review or grade.)
  • Plagiarism. The act of presenting the information, ideas, or phrasing of another as if they were one’s own. Such an act is plagiarism whether by ignorance of proper scholarly procedures, failure to observe them, or deliberate intent to deceive.
  • Stealing. The act of appropriating that which belongs to another with intent to the College or another individual with intent to achieve an unfair advantage in academic matters, whether or not the advantage is a personal one, and/or assisting others in such acts. (Examples include theft of library materials, computer software/equipment, or instructor’s examinations, etc.)
  • Lying (in academic matters). The intentional statement of an untruth made with deliberate intent to mislead another.  Forgery is considered an act of lying and thus an honor offense. Therefore, the unauthorized signing or false representation on a college document is considered an honor offense. Note: It will be considered in an individual’s favor in determining penalty, if an individual tells an untruth concerning a matter but later, on his/her own initiative tells the truth concerning the same matter before he/she is confronted with the untruth. Lying during the process of resolving an alleged honor offense is considered a breach of the Honor System.
  • Double Assignments. The use of one assignment (e.g. paper) to fulfill the requirements of more than one course will be considered a violation of the Honor System, unless the student has received proper permission from the appropriate instructor(s).