Who can be in Harper Gatton Leadership Programs?

Any Georgetown College student can participate in Harper Gatton Leadership programs!

How can I benefit from Harper Gatton Leadership Programs?

You will gain skills and techniques to be a better leader.
You will understand the value of service and leadership and how those two connect.
Build your resume.
If you participate and complete all Harper Gatton Leadership Programs, you will receive the Harper Gatton Leadership Medallion at graduation, the only award given at graduation beside your diploma!

What are the overall goals of Harper Gatton?

It is the hope that all Harper Gatton graduates will have a varied and diverse leadership experience.  Students will be able to reflect on their own values and strengths, will work together to serve those around them, will work to help other peers succeed and will learn how to apply their experience to their future.  Students who receive the Harper Gatton Leadership medallion will be students of high character, devoted service and willing to collaborate with others.  This program will be a unique offering allowing the students to actively participate in the shaping of future program offerings.

What is the difference between the previous Harper Gatton Program and HG LEAD?

Juniors and Seniors who have a previous Harper Gatton Program transcript can choose to stay on the previous track (workshops, community service, etc).  Email Jesse if you have specific questions about your transcript.

The updated version of the program – HG LEAD – incorporates more group experiences and less workshops.  While in HG LEAD, students will have a unique experience to learn to work in a group of peers and apply the Social Change Model in a real way.

How can I join?

If you wish to join HG LEAD – you must complete the HG LEAD Application and submit it to Jesse by August 28th, 2013.


Email Laura Wyly