Hambrick Village opened in the fall of 2012.  It is townhouse style apartments set on Military Street.  There are 14 townhouses as well as a common area building that contains a lounge space, laundry facilities and stoves.  Two of the townhouses are handicap accessible.  Each townhouse:

  • Houses 6 residents
  • Has 3 bedrooms (2 residents/room)
  • Has 3 bathrooms
  • Has a living room
  • Has a kitchenette with a sink, counter and full sized fridge
  • Is fully furnished

Eligibility: All students are eligible to live in Hambrick Village. Priority will be given to upperclassmen students and to groups of six students. If spaces still exist after this method of placement is used, first year students may live in Hambrick Village.

Meal Plan: Residents living on main campus, Hambrick or Rucker must carry the unlimited meal plan

Student Code of Conduct History: Students with more than one Student Code of Conduct violations occurring within the past twelve months  or a history of more than three violations may not be eligible to live in Hambrick Village.  Any subsequent Student Code of Conduction violations may result in immediate removal from the Hambrick Village.

Application and Placement: Priority will be given to students who apply in groups of 6.  Students who elect to study abroad after application will not be granted “squatter’s rights” and the space will become available to other students. The average GPA for each group will be calculated.  The groups will then be rank ordered by group GPA and placed accordingly.  Previous semester GPAs will be used to determine ranking.

If a student’s housing assignment is not filled to capacity (and that student is not paying for a private room), Residence Life may assign another student to that space to fill the room to capacity.  For example, if a group of only 4 students find themselves assigned to a 6 person townhouse, Residence Life may assign 2 more students to that townhouse even without the consent of the initial 4.  As long as a student is eligible for a housing assignment, he/she may live there as long as space permits.   Those students that reside in a housing assignment first do not have the ability to deny occupancy to other eligible students.


Cancellation Fee: The application to live in Hambrick Village as a group member is binding.  Breaking the agreement will result in a $200 fine to the student who chooses to withdraw his/her application, transfer, study abroad, etc.

Policies: Hambrick Village residents must abide by all pertinent rules and regulations as detailed in the Student Handbook. Failure to abide by these rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action. The procedures for disciplinary action are outlined in the Student Handbook.

Students living in Hambrick Village may not utilize their townhouse to host “parties”. A “party” is defined as the presence of more than 2 guests per present resident in an apartment where another policy violation is occurring. Policy violations include, but are not limited to alcohol, visitation, and noise. Residents who are caught hosting parties will be subject to the College’s disciplinary procedures and sanctions may include the loss of their apartment and subsequent return to main campus.

Damage: Residents will be expected to take care of all college property. Student Life staff will inspect each apartment for damage four times annually. Bedroom damage will be assessed to the person assigned to the room; public area (kitchen, living room, bathrooms) damage will be assessed to all residents of the apartment unless the person responsible comes forward.