Student Life is a broad professional field encompassing careers such as: Residence Hall Directors, Career Center staff, Student Activities Advisors, Student Life Directors and Vice Presidents. Typically, Student Affairs describes the jobs in a college or university that are not directly related to academics, but related to students lives outside of the classroom.

Why Student Affairs?

College student affairs professionals provide services and develop programs that affect all aspects of students’ lives inside and outside the classroom. For example, student affairs practitioners work to:

  • Improve the quality of campus life
  • Enhance student learning
  • Attract and retain qualified students
  • Provide students with satisfactory housing, health services, and recreational facilities
  • Coordinate student activities
  • Manage financial aid programs
  • Help students make career decisions
  • Meet the needs of commuter and nontraditional students

What are the Benefits of employment in Student Affairs?

  • Making a difference in students’ lives
  • A wide range of career choices and jobs
  • An exciting work environment that offers new challenges
  • Access to the profession through a wide range and large number of entry-level positions
  • Potential for quick advancement
  • Fringe benefits-tuition remission for employees and their families, generous vacation time, access to all activities and opportunities campuses have to offer.