Along with two other Rec Supervisors, a supervisor works to manage the Fitness & Recreation Center:

  • Personnel Supervisor
    • Schedules staff for the front desk
    • Adjust the staff schedules and hours of the REC for Holidays
  • Fitness Room Supervisor
    • Performs regular preventative maintenance on machines
    • Monitors usage of equipment
  • Building Supervisor
    • Looks over general upkeep of the building
    • Works with personnel and building policy
    • Oversees the incentives program

It is not necessary for a student to specifically know how to do the above duties. An orientation and training will occur for new supervisors. A staff meeting is held once week. All supervisors help with monitoring the personnel at the front desk.  Hours vary.


  • 2.2 minimum GPA


  • Worked in the Rec for at least one semester

Supervisor: Eric Karls