The Parking Appeal Committee is composed of 3 students, 1 faculty member, and 1 staff member.  The committee will meet once each month to hear parking appeals that have been submitted to Campus Safety by members of the campus community.   A staff member from Campus Safety will read the appeals to the committee (the identity of the person that has submitted an appeal will remain anonymous).  After reviewing the appeal, the members will decide if the appeal will be granted, amended, or denied.  Campus Safety will notify the individual of the committee’s decision.


*Be available to attend 1 meeting each month (this will depend on the volume of appeals submitted)

*Be available to attend the monthly meeting, which will be scheduled on a Wednesday from 8:00a-9:00a

*Be familiar with parking policies (you will be given this information)

*2.5 minimum GPA


The time commitment for this position is 1 hour each month.

Supervisor: Melanie Lucas